Bernese Mountain Dogs of Greater New York

Black Rock Forest in Cornwall, NY

Hike in a region much like our dogs' ancestral land

A bit of a drive as this great place is a few miles north of West Point, NY, but worth every overpriced gallon of gas.

We walk from the parking lot to the Upper Reservoir, where we take a break, and maybe a swim. Then it's on to Aleck Meadow Reservoir where we stay a while.

We usually meet newcomers at an overlook over the Hudson and West Point, along the road to the parking lot, as the last miles are a bit tricky to explain. The easiest way to get to this overlook is from the South.

East of the Hudson: West of the Hudson:
Drive across the Bear Mountain Bridge.
At the traffic circle, make the first right onto 9W North - West Point - Newburgh.
Drive North on the Palisades Parkway to the end.
At the traffic circle, make the third right onto 9W North - West Point - Newburgh.
Take I-84 to Route 9W (exit 10).


Take Route 9W south through Newburgh for approximately 10 miles through Cornwall towards Highland Falls.


About 1 mile after passing under Angola Rd, Route 9W starts a steep uphill.


After about 1 mile of uphill, look for the blue Storm King School sign (see picture on the right sidebar) on the right side of the road. A few hundred feet further, you will see another sign (see bottom picture) on the left side of the road. That will indicate where to turn left onto Mountain Rd.
Stay on 9W North for 6.5 miles. If meeting at the overlook, look for the yellow 45 Mph sign towards the end.
If meeting at the parking lot, drive past the overlook for another 2.5 miles.


A sign for the Storm King School (see bottom picture on the right sidebar) on the right side of the road will indicate where to turn right onto Mountain Rd.
Once you made the turn onto Mountain Rd, make a quick sharp right (almost a U-turn) onto Reservoir Rd, a dirt road that goes through a tunnel under 9W. The tunnel looks narrow, but don't worry, it's wide enough.



Drive on Reservoir Rd. about 1/2 mile until you see the parking lot on the right, just before the barrier.

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